A Stab At Life

Richard King
A Stab at Life

Thrown together in the emergency department of Montreal’s Gursky Memorial
Hospital, wounded Detective Gilles Bellechasse and nurse Annie Linton soon
find themselves investigating a series of stabbings in a nearby park in the city’s
multicultural Côte-des-Neiges district. The first suspects are competing drug
dealers for whom the park is an ideal meeting place. But a vigilante group set on
“cleaning up” the park cannot be ignored. Nor can the nude drawings of a
beautiful woman that turn up in a murder victim’s bedroom. What could the
motive be? Jealousy, money, prejudice? Nothing is simple… except knowing that
nothing is simple.

Bringing her years of ER experience to bear, Annie Linton, a nurse turned sleuth,
provides crucial insights in solving the crimes.

A Stab At Life

Richard King


Baraka Books

Paperback: $22.95, Digital: $15.99

A Stab at Life

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